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UKIPT3 Newcastle: Day 4 level 29 & 30 updates (blinds 50,000 - 100,000)


ukiptthumb.JPG7.45pm: Chris Ferguson wins UKIPT Newcastle (£87,640); Alex Jobling eliminated in second place (£82,120)
And we have a winner here in Newcastle.

In the final hand Chris Ferguson opened to 200,000 on the button, Alex Jobling then three-bet to 475,000, Ferguson moved all-in and Jobling called all-in for and effective 2,300,000.

Jobling: [Ah][Qh]
Ferguson: [8s][8h]

The board ran [10s][7d][2s][7c][3d] and Ferguson's pair held up and he's the latest UKIPT champion. Jobling played a fantastic game but just couldn't win the big all-in pots when it mattered.

A wrap of the final table is on it's way, the next UKIPT stop is actually online between October 14-15th, but the next live event takes place in Bristol November 8-12th.-- NW


Chris Ferguson wins UKIPT Newcastle

7.30pm: Chris Ferguson doubles through Alex Jobling
The chip lead has changed hands for the first time since heads-up began.

Chris Ferguson min-raised to 200,000 from the button and called when Alex Jobling made it 450,000 to go. The flop was a monotone [9h][8h][3h], Jobling fired out a bet of 325,000, Ferguson made it 700,000, Jobling moved all-in and Ferguson called all-in for an effective 2,910,000.

Ferguson: [7h][4h]
Jobling: [7d][7c]

The [3d] turn gave Jobling full house outs, but none arrived on the [10c] river. Chip counts after that hand are Ferguson 6,720,000 plays Jobling's 2,360,000. -- NW

ukipt_newcastle_day 4_Chris_Ferguson.jpg

Flopped flush was a fillip for Ferguson

7.30pm: Ferguson gets some back
Alex Jobling raised to 225,000 and Chris Ferguson made the call. On the [Ah][8c][Ks] flop Ferguson check-called a bet of 250,000. Both players checked the [9c] turn, before Ferguson fired out a bet of 400,000 on the [4d] river. After a bit of tank time Jobling made the call but mucked when Ferguson showed [Kh][4s] for a rivered two pair. -- NW

7.25pm: Unusual line works for Jobling
Alex Jobling has wrestled control back of this heads up match in a three-bet, multi-street pot.

Chris Ferguson opened to 200,000 and called when three-bet to 450,000 by Jobling. The dealer gave them a [4d][7h][qc] flop and Jobling continued for 400,000. Call.

The turn fell [9d] and Jobling checked to face a 550,000 bet. He called before leading for 2,000,000 on the [9d] river. Ferguson tapped the table and mucked to drop back to 2,480,000. -- MC

7.15pm: Ironing out the variance
Tournament director Toby Stone just handed me a sheet which details the deal. Here's what went down.

Alex Jobling: £82,120
Christopher Ferguson: £77,640
Left to play for: £10,000 (and the trophy!)

Original payouts:

1st. £105,900
2nd. £63,860

The players are still playing for basically the equivalent of eighth place money. -- NW

7.10pm: Done deal
A deal has been negotiated and play is back underway, we'll bring you the exact numbers when we have them. Current chip stacks are:

Alex Jobling, 5,030,000
Chris Ferguson, 4,060,000

7.05pm: Chris Ferguson doubles through Alex Jobling
"It was a flip," shrugged Alex Jobling, but it was a flip he was favourite in and one that had he won would've given him the title.

Chris Ferguson raised to 200,000 on the button, Jobling made it 450,000 from the big blind, Ferguson moved all-in for 2,030,000 and Jobling snap called.

Ferguson: [9s][5s] (38.58%)
Jobling: [Ah][Kc] (61.4%)

The [5h][9h][2s][5c][8h] board meant it was all over by the turn. With the stacks now closer together the two players have stepped away from the table to discuss a deal. Play, for now, is paused. -- NW

7pm: Ferguson gives it back again
Chris Ferguson didn't hold on to those chips too long after Alex Jobling found aces on the button.

Jobling raised to 225,000 then bet 250,000 and 500,000 on the flop and turn before checking back the river. The final board read [7h][jd][3s][qd][td] and Jobling opened [as][ah]. The board must've ran out too wet for a third bullet. Ferguson, who is back down to around two million said he had a jack. -- MC

6.50pm: Ferguson gets it back
Over the last half-dozen hands Chris Ferguson has essentially got back the million he lost on the first hand.

Almost half of that came from one hand, he opened to 200,000, Alex Jobling three-bet to 450,000 and Ferguson moved all-in. It seemed that Jobling was strongly considering a call, he got the dealer to count down Ferguson's chips, but the all-in bet of 2,280,000 was too much and he mucked his hand. -- NW

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 50,000-100,000

6.40pm: Ferguson loses a third of his stack
Chris Ferguson lost a third of his stack on the very first hand of heads up play.

He opened to 160,000 and called when Alex Jobling three-bet to 500,000. The flop fanned [6d][5c][5c] and Jobling continued for 500,000. Call. Jobling upped the pressure on the [kc] turn as he bet 1,200,000. Ferguson only really had the option of shoving or folding at that point and he chose the latter. -- MC

6.35pm: Heads up play commences
Here's how the chips stand:

Alex Jobling, 6,095,000
Chris Ferguson, 2,975,000

6.30pm: Sam Holden eliminated in third place (£39,030)
Down to around 950,000 Sam Holden moved all-in from the button with [Ah][5h], Chris Ferguson made the call from the big blind with [Ad][Qd].

The [2c][4c][7c] flop gave Holden some back door equirty, the [5d] turn was one of his outs, but the [Qs] river gave the lead in the hand back to Ferguson and with that Holden was eliminated in fourth place. Holden's hands have not held up or hit in the all-in situations today. -- NW

ukipt_newcastle_day 4_Sam_Holden3.jpg

The crowd gathers to witness Holden's final hand

6.25pm: Sam's luck out again
Sam Holden has lost yet another pre flop all in showdown, and is now the short stack.

Chris Ferguson open shoved for 1,010,000 from the small blind and Holden called from the big blind.

Holden: [as][4h]
Ferguson: [8s][6d]

The board ran [4c][qd][5h][8c][td] to pair Ferguson's eight on the turn. What does Holden need to do to win one of these today? -- MC

6.15pm: The last eight hands
Here's what's happened in the last eight hands...

• Chris Ferguson has won three pots: he three-bet all-in once, got a walk and min-raised and met no resistance

• Alex Jobling has won the other five, he moved all-in once into Ferguson's big blind, moved all-in over the top of a Ferguson open and won one with a simple raise and take. The other two he took down post-flop one was a limped pot where a small turn bet did the job, the other was more interesting

He three-bet to 300,000 from the big blind after Chris Ferguson made it 160,000 from the button, Ferguson called the extra. The two of them saw a [8h][5c][Jh] flop, c-bet of 205,000 from Jobling call from Ferguson. On the [4s] turn Jobling fired a second barrel, 400,000 this time and it was enough to get the job done. -- NW

6.10pm: Three-handed chip counts
Seat 3. Sam Holden, United Kingdom, 2,700,000
Seat 7. Alexander Jobling, PokerStars player United Kingdom, 4,900,000
Seat 8. Chris Ferguson, PokerStars player, United Kingdom, 1,600,000

6pm: David Knight eliminated in fourth place (£28,780)
Another cooler in four-handed play and this time the all in player departed.

The action folded to David Knight in the small blind and he opened to 200,000. Chip leader, Alex Jobling, was in the big blind and three-bet to 450,000. Knight was having none of that behaviour though and jammed for a little more than 1.5 million. Snap call.

Knight: [ad][ts]
Jobling: [as][ks]

The board ran [2c][4c][qc][6d][kh] to hand the pot, and the scalp, to Jobling. -- MC


David Knight (sat right) waiting to see his fate

5.45pm: Everyone's folding on the flop
So far this level the hands that have made it as far as the flop have ended there. So no major skirmishes as of yet. Chris Ferguson has three-bet all-in on three occasions but got no callers.

Alex Jobling has open limped a couple of times, which we haven't seen from him thus, of course we don't know for sure but that's likely due to Ferguson's propensity for shoving all-in and/or stack size considerations of the other players. -- NW

5.30pm: Official chip counts as play resumes
We expecting more all in action this level. Here's how they stand:

Seat 3. Sam Holden, United Kingdom, 1,845,000
Seat 7. Alexander Jobling, PokerStars player United Kingdom, 3,220,000
Seat 8. Chris Ferguson, PokerStars player, United Kingdom, 1,290,000


Alex Jobling meaning business

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Newcastle and their drink Marc Convey (A good British ale) and Nick Wright (Amaretto and coke (with a sparkler). Photos by Mickey May (Pinot Grigio)

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