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UKIPT3 Newcastle: Day 3 level 21 -24 updates (blinds 12,000 - 24,000 ante 3,000)



8.35pm: Holden busts Mordhorst to set final table
Our final table of eight is set after Sam Holden eliminated Matthias Mordhorst. Holden raised to 48,000 from mid position and called when the German three-bet all in for around 160,000 from the small blind. Call.

Holden: [jc][jh]
Mordhorst: [ad][9h]

The board ran [th][kc][js][ts][7c]. It was all over by the turn as Holden made a full house.

A full wrap of the day's play and all the end of day counts will be up shortly. -- MC

ukipt_newcastle_day 3_Matthias_Mordhorst.jpg

Mordhorst - bust in ninth

8.25pm: Final table re-draw
Here's how the final nine are arranged round the one table that remains.

Seat one. Anthony Shields
Seat two.Jack Sambrook
Seat three. Sam Holden
Seat four. Dan Hemingway
Seat five. Ewan Brown
Seat six. David Knight
Seat seven. Matthias Mordhorst
Seat eight. Alexander Jobling
Seat nine. Chris Ferguson

8.15pm: Ian Burdon eliminated in tenth place (£5,020)
And we're down to the final table of nine (which is the unofficial final table) as Ian Burdon has just been eliminated in tenth place.

The action was started by Jack Sambrook who min-raised to 48,000, it passed to Burdon who three-bet to 112,000, Sambrook moved all-in and Burdon called all-in for an effective 470,000.

Sambrook: [Js][Jd]
Burdon: [Ad][Kd]

It was all over by the turn as the board came [2d][9d][2h][5d][8d] to boost Sambrook to 2,300,000 and further extend his chip lead.

The final nine are re-drawing for seats so they'll be a short interlude before they start playing again. With one more elimination the official final table will be set. -- NW

ukipt_newcastle_day 3_Ian_Burdon.jpg

Ian Burdon - bubbled the unofficial final table

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 12,000-24,000 ante 3,000

8.10pm: Jason Cockburn eliminated in 11th place (£5,020)
Jason Cockburn was visibility disappointed when he was eliminated by the unstoppable force that it Chris Ferguson. It's understandable too as he was betrayed by his two ladies.

Cockburn squeezed all in for 278,000 after a raise and a call in front of his. Anthony Shields, who was the initial raiser, folded but Ferguson made the call.

Cockburn: [qc][qs]
Ferguson: [ah][9c]

The board ran [8d][ac][2s][6s][7d] to pair Ferguson's ace and put him up to 1,900,000.

One player more to lose and UKIPT becomes a sit and go. -- MC

8pm: Jack Sambrook takes the chip lead
Two very different poker tournaments taking place within the same tournament right now. On table one we're seeing all the shoves and calls, due mostly to every stack on there being

Meanwhile on table two they've got a bit more wiggle room down the streets. And Jack Sambrook just took a big pot off Alex Jobling to move into the chip lead. I only saw the river action but with a complete board of [2s][Ks][6s][2h][7s] on the felt, Sambrook bet 250,000 into a pot of 400,000. After taking his time Jobling made the call but mucked when Sambrook showed [Qs][Qh].

Sambrook climbs to 1,775,000 whilst Jobling slips to 775,000. -- NW

7.55pm: Anthony Shields doubles through Matthias Modhorst
Easy come easy go for Matthias Modhorst, he opened the button to 40,000, Anthony Shields moved all-in for 232,000 and after getting a count Modhorst made the call.

Shields: [Ac][9h]
Modhorst: [5s][5c]

The [4d][3h][6s] flop kept Modhorst in front and also gave him a straight draw. The [9s] turn propelled Shields into the lead and the [4s] completed the board.

Shields up to 500,000, Modhorst back down to 310,000. -- NW

7.50pm: Ben Senior eliminated in 12th place (£4,360)
Down to just 150,000 Ben Senior moved all-in from the small blind with [As][9c] and Matthias Mordhorst made the call from the big blind with [Ad][Ks]. The board ran [2s][3s][8h][5d][Qc] and Senior's loss of back to back pots has ended his tournament. -- NW

7.45pm: Mordhorst representing
Matthias Mordhorst just did for Germany what Jussi Häkkänen couldn't do for Finalnd: double-up and carrying on representing. He moved all in from the small blind after Benjamin Senior shoved from the button.

Senior: [kd][td]
Mordhorst: [ad][8c]

The board ran [ac][8s][2c][jh][2d] to double up Mordhorst up to 350,000. Senior's stack dropped to 206,000. -- MC

7.25pm: Jussi Häkkänen Eliminated in 12th Place (£4,360)
Finland's last representative in the tournament has been eliminated. Jussi Häkkänen was down to 211,000 when he moved all in from the hijack. Alexander Jobling was in the big blind and called after getting a count.

Jobling: [ac][7h]
Häkkänen: [th][9h]

The board ran [6c][4s][5s][3d][qh] offering no help to the Finn, it Jobling a straight by the turn though. -- MC

7.10pm: Back from the break
The players are now back from the break, here's the current chip counts

Table 1
Seat one. Jason Cockburn, 370,000
Seat two. Benjamin Senior, 280,000
Seat five. Matthias Mordhorst, 270,000
Seat six. Anthony Shields, 256,000
Seat seven. Chris Ferguson, 1,728,000
Seat eight. Dan Hemingway, 270,000

Chris Ferguson is crushing his table, he as four and a half times the amount of the second biggest stack on Table 1.

ukipt_newcastle_day 3_Chris_Ferguson2.jpg

Chris Ferguson

Table 2
Seat one. Jussi Häkkänen, 257,000
Seat two. Ian Burdon, 578,000
Seat three. David Knight, 625,000
Seat four. Alexander Jobling, 1,111,000
Seat five.Jack Sambrook, 1,107,000
Seat seven. Ewan Brown, 1,246,000
Seat eight. Sam Holden, 1,042,000

Table two has a much evener spread of chips with four stacks over a million. -- NW

ukipt_newcastle_day 3_Jack_Sambrook.jpg

Jack Sambrook

6.55pm: Break
The players are now on a 15 minute break. -- NW

6.53pm: Matthias Mordhorst doubles through Ben Senior
Ben Senior got the action started, making a min-raise to 32,000, it folded to Matthias Mordhorst who jammed for 150,000, call from Senior.

Senior: [10h][10d]
Modhorst: [Ad][Kd]

The [5h][4h][7d] flop was safe for Senior, but the [Kc] gave the German the lead. The [5c] completed the board, Modhorst up to 300,000, Senior down to 180,000. -- NW

6.50pm: Kevin Monroe eliminated in 14th place (£3,700)
And then there were 13...

Chris Ferguson raised with [K][Q], Kevin Monroe moved all-in for 300,000 with pocket sixes and Ferguson called it off. A king on the flop gave him the pot and boosted his stack to 1,700,000. He's the chip leader of the tournament and is on a table of short stacks, the next biggest stack on his table is around 370,000. -- NW

6.45pm: Shove, shove, shove
If things were getting a little sleepy, then everyone is surely wide-awake now after a three-way all in saw two players eliminated.

Brett Angell was first to move all in from second position for 222,000. Kevin Killeen was in the next seat and moved all in as well for around 450,000. Ewan Brown was one more seat along and paused causing everyone to stare at him. He didn't want to be left out of the party and moved all in also, and had both players covered. Every other player folded quicker than this press room devours a Nandos.

Angell: [ks][th]
Killeen: [ts][td]
Brown: [jd][jh]

The board ran [5c][qh][8d][9d][qd] to see Brown's hand held. There was a little bit of a stunned silence as both players left. Thanks to Sam Holden for suggesting we use this title. He wanted a fee (he's changed) but we're hoping this will suffice as payment.

Brown has around 1,300,000 chips now. -- MC

ukipt_newcastle_day 3_Ewan_Brown.jpg

Ewan Brown

6.25pm: Geordie snore
Due to the turbo charged nature of the first four levels we knew the action would slow at some point. Well, this is that point, little to no action has occurred in the past 15 minutes here's a precis of what's happened.

• Brett Angell shoved all-in twice, once as an open shove, once over the top of Sam Holden open. Both remained uncalled though and he's up to 250,000.
• David Knight won a three-way pot with a set of jacks. However the [9c][10d][Jc][6c][Ah] board meant the pot stayed small. In fact both he and Ewan Brown checked the river. -- NW

6.10pm: The millionaires club
Sam Holden has broken the million-chip mark and joins two other players with the same bragging rights.

Here's the top three:

1. Chris Ferguson, 1,400,000
2. Alexander Jobling, 1,310,000
3. Sam Holden, 1,100,000

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 8,000-16,000 ante 2,000

5.50pm: Table draw
Here's how the final two tables shape up

Table 1
Seat one. Jason Cockburn
Seat two. Benjamin Senior
Seat three. Jack Sambrook
Seat four. Kevin Monroe
Seat five. Matthias Mordhorst
Seat six. Anthony Shields
Seat seven. Chris Ferguson
Seat eight. Dan Hemingway

Table 2
Seat one. Jussi Häkkänen
Seat two. Ian Burdon
Seat three. David Knight
Seat four. Alexander Jobling
Seat five. Brett Angell
Seat six. Kevin Killeen
Seat seven. Ewan Brown
Seat eight. Sam Holden

ukipt_newcastle_day 3_Chris_Ferguson.jpg

Chris Ferguson - chip leader on table one

5.45pm: Chip counts of the final 16
There's been a re-draw to two tables (coming soon) here's the chip counts of those left in.

Alexander Jobling , United Kingdom, PokerStars Player, 1,500,000
Christopher Ferguson, United Kingdom, PokerStars Player, 1,175,000

Jack Sambrook, United Kingdom, 950,000
Sam Holden, United Kingdom, 900,000
David Knight, United Kingdom, PokerStars Qualifier, 650,000
Ewan Brown, United Kingdom, PokerStars Qualifier, 600,000
Ian Burdon, United Kingdom, PokerStars Player, 580,000
Benjamin Senior, United Kingdom PokerStars Player, 460,000
Anthony Shields, United Kingdom, PokerStars Qualifier , 400,000

Jason Cockburn, United Kingdom, 400,000
Dan Hemingway, United Kingdom, 300,000
Matthias Mordhorst, Germany, PokerStars Qualifier, 290,000
Brett Angell, United Kingdom, PokerStars Qualifier, 280,000
Kevin Killeen, Ireland, PokerStars Qualifier, 250,000
Jussi Hakkanen, Finland, PokerStars Qualifier, 200,000
Kevin Monroe, Ireland, PokerStars Qualifier, 140,000

ukipt_newcastle_day 3_Alex_Jobling2.jpg

Alex Jobling leads the way

5.40pm: Barry McMahon out in 17th (£3,050)
It was another deep run by Barry McMahon in a UKIPT but he couldn't quite repeat the trick of making the final table, as he did in Nottingham this season.

He was all-in with pocket eights for his last 250,000, Sam Holden the caller with [Ac][Qh]. The board ran out [Jd][Ah][9s][7c][Ad] and Holden now has 950,000. -- NW

5.30pm: A tale of kings
Anthony Shields was involved in two hands that involved at least one player holding kings in each hand.

In the first hand he and Brett Angell made it all the way to the river of a [jc][qc][as][5d][tc] board. The pot was small until the river where all the chips went in. Shields opened [kh][qh] and Angell opened [ks][kd].

Both players had a straight but it was Angell who felt like he lost the pot event though it was chopped.

The very next hand the action folded around to Ashfaaq Taus on the button and he moved all in for 111,000 with [qs][js]. Shields was in the big blind and woke up with [ks][kc] and called out of his 118,000 stack. The board ran [3d][6d][qh][4h][3h] to bust in 18th place. -- MC

5.15pm: Ian Burdon doubles through Kevin Monroe
Bit of a cooler this...

Jussi Häkkänen opened to 24,000, Kevin Monroe three-bet to 68,000 and Ian Burdon then four-bet all-in for 273,000 total. Back on Häkkänen he folded and Monroe made the call:

Monroe: [Qs][Qd]
Burdon: [Ks][Kh]

An [As][Js][9s][Ad][9d] board doubled Burdon to 600,000 whilst Monroe slipped to 145,000. -- NW

5.05pm: Akshay Reddy eliminated in 19th (£3,050)
Akshay Reddy has just exited in 19th place. He moved all-in for 101,000 with [Qc][Jd] and Barry McMahon gave him a spin with [As][5s]. The [5c][jh][2s] flop left McMahon shaking his head, the [9d] river was a blank, but the [Ad] river gave McMahon two pair and the pot. -- NW

5pm: Ferguson on top as play continues
As play entered level 21 Chris Ferguson is still dominating with 1,300,000 chips.

He has to be wary of Jack Sambrook directly to his right though, as he eliminated Saulius Tumosa seconds after play restarted, and is up to 890,000 chips. -- MC

4.50pm: Back we go
So just 20 players remain from the 62 who started today. That's 12 more exits needed before the final table of eight is set. They include Sam Holden who finished ninth in the 2011 WSOP Main Event, he's lurking ominously with an above average 650.000.

During the break tournament staff did chip counts, we'll post them here as soon as we get them. -- NW

ukipt_newcastle_day 3_Sam_Holden.jpg

Sam Holden

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Newcastle and their Pro Wrestler name Marc Convey (Fusion Blade) and Nick Wright (Silver Monk ). Photos by Mickey May (Falcon Mysterio)

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